HOVNANYAN, K.O.; SHAROYAN, S.G.; ANTONYAN, A.A.; MARDANYAN, S.S. INFLUENCE OF EXTRACT AND PHENOL GLYCOSIDES FROM ROSE PETALS ON THE FIBRILS OF AMYLOID PEPTIDE Aβ(1-42). STUDY BY TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPЕ. Proceedings of the YSU B: Chemical and Biological Sciences, [S. l.], v. 51, n. 3 (244), p. 203–208, 2017. DOI: 10.46991/PYSU:B/2017.51.3.203. Disponível em: https://journals.ysu.am/index.php/proceedings-chem-biol/article/view/vol51_no3_2017_pp203-208. Acesso em: 23 jul. 2024.