Peer Review

All articles submitted to the editorial board are subject to mandatory review. The editorial
office organizes a blind review - reviewers and authors are anonymous. All reviewers are
researxhers, authors of publications and researches on the topic of the reviewed material.
Based on the results of the reviews, the editorial staff decides to publish the material. The
reviewer must follow the principles of scientific impartiality and behavior.
 Provide an impartial scientific review
 Give an impartial and reasoned assessment of the research results, as well as make the
necessary recommendations
 Do not publish the work as it is the intellectual property of the author. Confidentiality can
only be violated if the reviewer declares the work unscientific or falsified
 Inform the Editor-in-Chief of any significant or partial similarities between the work in
question and other work
 Indicate relevant published works that are not properly cited or referenced in the work.
Based on the results of the review, the editorial board makes one of three possible decisions.
- “reject"
- “send for review based on reviewers’ comments”
- “publish”.
The editorial board informs the author of the decision, providing a reasoned refusal if
necessary. The author has no right to demand the reviewer’s data to challenge the result
without sound arguments.
 The review period is 1-2 months, depending on the quality of the submitted material.
 All editorial changes are agreed with the authors by mail or on the journal platform.
 Reviews are kept in the editorial office for 5 years.