Review on the Article of Hovhannes Arqaexbayr’s Writing Activity


  • Knar Harutyunyan The “Matenadaran” Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts



Cilicia, Hovhannes Arqaexbayr (the Brother of King), Armenian manuscript, Catalogue of manuscripts, colophon, writing activity, the 13th century


One of the famous persons of the 13th century Cilicia is priest, archbishop, scribe Hovhannes Arqaexbayr, the brother of king Hetum I. There are some references to his activity in different fields since the 19th century. The last work about his writing activity is the article “The Writing activity of Hovhannes the King’s Brother” by Hasmik Badalyan published in the “Bulletin of Yerevan University. Armenian Studies” (2019, N. 3 (30), p. 16-25). We find out some essential mistakes and lapses in this article. Here the author examines 25 manuscripts of Hovhannes and gives conclusion according to them. But attentive and detailed examination with comparing the article’s examples and facts with the ones in the catalogues of Armenian manuscripts and colophons shows about 15 inconsistencies and mistakes without any explanation and argument. So we show them and  correct to prevent further mistakes of researchers in this area.




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Harutyunyan Ք. (2021). Review on the Article of Hovhannes Arqaexbayr’s Writing Activity. Bulletin of Yerevan University A: Armenian Studies, 12(1 (33), 62–71.