“This Green Red World” by Hrant Matevosyan


  • Vazgen Gabrielyan Yerevan State University




green red world, homeland, natuive land, Valley-world, nature, living and inanimate beings, creation, humanism, literary relations


The article attempts to explain and interpret the expression “this green, red world” by
Hrant Matevosyan as a symbol. To introduce the “Valley – world” which is alive in H.
Matevosyan’s literature and is a complete creative work, Nature being the Sun and the
Sky, earth and water, tree and flower, living and non-living beings, sounds, smells, and
colours, Matevosyan’s worldview of seeing a united world with mutual relations as an
expression of his philosophical, nature-worshipping perception. To demonstrate the
Matevosyanean way and principle of particularly "spiritualizing" inanimate and nonspeaking
beings, their “thoughts”, presenting their continuing existence by making it all
visible, audible and tangible: “to write not about a tree, but from within a tree, not about
a horse, but from within a horse”.

Author Biography

Vazgen Gabrielyan, Yerevan State University

Sc. D. in Philology, Professor of the Chair of Modern Armenian
Literature, YSU



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Gabrielyan, V. (2021). “This Green Red World” by Hrant Matevosyan. Bulletin of Yerevan University B: Philology, 12(2 (35), 3–19. https://doi.org/10.46991/BYSU:B/2021.12.2.003



Literary Criticism