• Zhirayr A. Baghdasaryan Chair of Applied Electrodynamics and Modelling, YSU, Armenia



GPS antenna, near-field imaging, thermo-elastic optical indicator microscopy


Microwave near-field distribution of the GPS patch antenna was visualized by a thermo-elastic optical indicator microscopy (TEOIM) technique at $1.575~GHz$. Visualization of the antenna radiation is realized to describe the electromagnetic field intensity and distribution depending on the distance from the antenna surface and optical indicator. Experimental data was compared and confirmed with simulation results, which are in good agreement. Possible applications of the TEOIM system were discussed.


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Baghdasaryan, Z. A. (2022). IMAGING OF MICROWAVE NEAR-FIELD DISTRIBUTION OF GPS PATCH ANTENNA. Proceedings of the YSU A: Physical and Mathematical Sciences, 56(2 (258), 66–73.