About the Journal

The "Journal of Yerevan University. Armenian Studies" is a scientific journal that publishes scientific articles and studies related to the problems of armenian studies, history, linguistics and art. The journal accepts original articles and comprehensive studies not previously published.

The "Journal of Yerevan University. Armenian Studies" has been published since 2010. It is the successor of quarterly journal of Social Sciences "Bulletin of Yerevan University" (1967-2009). It is included in the list of scientific periodical publishing the main results and propositions of doctorate dissertations and candidate theses established by the Higher Certification Commission of RA. Armenologists, philologists, linguists, historians, archaeologists, specialists in the field of armenian studies, journalism and art from YSU and other institutions of RA, as well as Diaspora and abroad, are published in “Banber”. It is published three times a year, has a stable number և 5 press volume. The materials are published in Armenian, Russian and English. The published articles have summaries in these three languages. Brief information about the authors is given in three languages. The magazine has its editorial board, with editor-in-chief -Levon Avetisyan.