Philosophy – Philosophical Argumentation – Rhetoric


  • Atom Vardumyan Yerevan State University



In the article, entitled “Philosophy – Philosophical Argumentation – Rhetoric”, social and value-laden nature of human knowledge is presented. The social and valueladen nature of knowledge is “explicit” in philosophy and in philosophic argumentation. The latter, although methodically consistent, is not limited by strictly logical methods (does not consider them of primary importance) of justification and functions by elements of worldview, which aim at discovering the meaning and significance of the issue and its solution. As the purpose of philosophical argumentation is convincingjustification, it is often identified with rhetoric (“New Rhetoric”) and by this identification the obvious difference of extensions of these notions (difference in terms of argumentation-approach), which exist despite their numerous common methodical nature and shared content. The work also presents the method of justification by meshing together evaluative-world-view elements (loci and statuses) in logically provable (syllogistic) structures. This method is verisimilar, however it is a big potential to convince and is widely used in argumentation.



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Vardumyan, A. (2013). Philosophy – Philosophical Argumentation – Rhetoric. Bulletin of Yerevan University E: Philosophy, Psychology, 4(2), 3–18.