• Vahagn V. Grigoryan Chair of Social-economic Geography, YSU, Armenia




resettlement, economic development, settlements classification, unequal distribution, natural factor, anthropogenic factor


Agrotourism is one of the fastest growing areas of tourism. With its natural conditions, monuments, regional customs and cuisine, Aragatsotn Region is a basis for the formation of agrotourism clusters. Other types of tourism are also taken into account here. For the development of tourism in Aragatsotn, it is important to assess the tourism potential. The characteristic of clusters was presented. Possible measures as a result of which agrotourism will develop in Aragatsotn Region are proposed,. Agrotourism can be considered like ecological, educational, adventure, gastronomic, wellness, pilgrimage and other other types of tourism. With the development of agrotourism, the attitude of the population to natural, historical and cultural monuments, as well as environmental protection is changing. It becomes an object of interest for inbound tourism and contributes to the development of tourism, small business and related service infrastructures in rural areas. It is necessary to use new agricultural technologies, creation of alternative sources of income, as a result of which differences in socio-economic levels will decrease between the mountainous and lowland areas of the region. Due to natural and human characteristics of Aragatsotn, agrotourism development here differs from other territories. On this basis, agrotourism can be developed in three directions in Aragatsotns: classic agrotourism, agrotourism as a form of summer vacation, agrotourism with elements of nature-based tourism For the development of agrotoursim in the region of Aragatsotn in the coming years we consider the following priority problems: formation of an agrotourism cluster, dissemination of the benefits of best practices, designing the development of agrotourism in the framework of experimental settlements, forecast of the main results of agrotourism, creation of knowledge-based opportunities for organizing agrotourism and market development. Thus, we distinguish five agrotourism clusters in Aragatsotn: Ashtarak, Aparan, Tsakhkaovt, Byurakan and Talin. The recreation infrastructure in the region is poorly developed due to the terrain features, climatic conditions and location next to Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. It is necessary to develop a tourism development program, according to which loans credit at low rates will be provided. The factor of gastro tourism and the attractiveness of the cuisine of the region in terms of agrotourism development are possible as well.



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Grigoryan Վ. Վ. (2022). OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE FORMATION OF AGROTOURISM CLUSTERS IN THE ARAGATSOTN REGION. Proceedings of the YSU C: Geological and Geographical Sciences, 56(1 (257), 54–64. https://doi.org/10.46991/PYSU:C/2022.56.1.054