• Davit Baklachyan Yerevan State University



principles, professional liability insurance, liability insurance for injury, insurance object, insurance interest, insurance risk, insurance case


In civil relations, various types of professional activities (auditing, advocacy, expert, crisis management, etc.) are provided to civil relations entities in larger volumes day by day, which in turn leads to damages caused as a result of incomplete provision of services. One of the most effective ways to share the burden of paying for those damages is liability insurance. The latter justifies that the separation of types of insurance and the definition of legal regulations remain extremely relevant. In the article, for the first time, we have tried to separate the principles of professional liability insurance, to define such basic provisions that will condition the further legal regulation of the institution under discussion. From that point of view, we distinguish two principles: "responsibility only for the damage caused by professional activity" and "reimbursing the beneficiary receiving services." We have emphasized that the operation of the discussed insurance institute in this case will be incomplete if we only limit ourselves to distinguishing the circumstance of the policy holder engaging in a certain professional activity. We considered it necessary to record that the insured accident must occur exclusively in connection with engaging in such activity or carrying it out, which will be a necessary prerequisite for starting the insurance compensation process and providing compensation.

Author Biography

Davit Baklachyan, Yerevan State University

Head of Division of Judicial Protection of Legal
Department of the RA SRC,
PHD student at the YSU Chair for Civil Law