About the Journal

The Translation Studies: Theory and Practice (TSTP) is a double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Department of Translation Studies of Yerevan State University, twice a year. It presents original research articles of high standards in all areas of translation.

There is no fee for submitting, reviewing, and publishing in this journal for authors!

Aims and scope

The journal Translation Studies: Theory and Practice investigates promising avenues of research within the discipline of Translation Studies, with a focus on existing and new linkages with surrounding disciplines.

Although the primary focus of the journal is translation studies, it covers a number of other domains in the field of linguistics such as discourse analysis, stylistics, pragmatics and other areas related to translation.

Translation Studies: Theory and practice aims to broaden the discipline's methodologies, areas of interest, and conceptual frameworks, while also challenging the traditional definition of "translation" and providing a forum for debate on historical, social, institutional, and cultural aspects of translation.

We invite anyone who is unfamiliar with Translation Studies: Theory and Practice to join the conversation, in addition to experts in the field. Scholars in Linguistics, Literature, Semiotics, Theology, Law, Gender Studies and allied subjects are among those who fall into this category. The journal stimulates the development of cooperative methodological frameworks and advocates the purposeful pooling of resources for specific aims.