Peer Review

At the “Journal of Iranian Linguistics,” we uphold a robust double-blind peer review system, ensuring the highest standards of scholarly evaluation.


Our peer review process consists of two main stages to rigorously assess the scholarly merit of submitted papers.

  1. Initial Review (10-14 Working Days):

Upon receiving a manuscript, our managing editors conduct an initial review to ensure alignment with the journal’s scope. Subsequently, the paper is assigned to a group of editors from the corresponding field within our editorial board. Within 10-14 working days, the assigned editors review the paper, deciding whether it advances to the next stage of external review.

  1. External Review (Up to 6 weeks):

Manuscripts that pass the initial review undergo further evaluation by two scholars. At least one reviewer is external (not a member of the editorial board), ensuring an unbiased assessment. Reviewers are given six weeks for their evaluation, although the process of finding suitable reviewers may extend this timeframe. The reviewers’ comments and recommendations are crucial in shaping the final decision.

Editorial Decision:

The editor-in-chief, armed with the insights from the reviewers, makes the final decision. This decision may include acceptance, rejection, or, in certain cases, a request for additional review. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the thoroughness of our peer review process.

Authors can expect constructive feedback and a fair evaluation of their work, contributing to the advancement of scholarship in Iranian linguistics.