The Concept of Human Development in Retrospect


  • Ani Galstyan YSU



Human development concept, Human Development Index, standard of living, multidimensional poverty, anthropocene, planetary pressure


Nowdays instability and various manifestations of inequality pose challenges to  human development. The article analyzes the dynamics of indicators characterizing the human development of Armenia aiming at comparing the results of the analysis with international trends, to assess the existing gaps and to propose solutions. The study of the HDI's of Armenia, as well as those of several  other countries covers the period of 1990-2020. As stated in the Human Development Report irrespective of the fact that the indicators of Armenia's Education exceeded the world average, the existing problems in the field are one of the key constraints restraining the country's growth.

Over the past 30 years, various indicators characterizing human development have been used: gender development, women's rights and opportunities extension, equality, multidimensional poverty and etc. A new approach is being implemented  in the era of Anthropocene, i.e.  HDI is ajusted in accordance with the planetary pressures.

Author Biography

Ani Galstyan, YSU

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor at the Chair of Economics and International Economic Relations



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Galstyan, A. (2021). The Concept of Human Development in Retrospect. Bulletin of Yerevan University G: Economics, 12(2 (35), 3–16.



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