On the methodology of the assessment of state capacity


  • Karlen Khachatryan YSU




state capacity, economic policy, state regulation, Fragile States Index, Corruption Perception Index, Global Competitiveness Index


Discussions on the state capacity have become topical in recent decades due to the need to implement the functions of the state effectively, the urgency of solving the problems, which the state and society face. Different researchers and institutions offer different approaches to the determination of the degree of state capacity, using different indicators and indexes. This article discusses three of the most common approaches to assessing the level of state capacity: the Fragile States Index, the Corruption Perception Index and the Global Competitiveness Index. As a result, it became obvious that the position of the Republic of Armenia on the Fragile States Index has not changed in the period of the last 6 years, some progress has been registered in the last two years in terms of the Corruption Perceptions Index due to the political events of 2018, and the position of the Republic of Armenia in Global Competitiveness Index is weakening, especially in terms of information technology, healthcare, education, product market and innovation capacity.

Author Biography

Karlen Khachatryan, YSU

Head of the Chair of Management and Business, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor



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Khachatryan, K. (2021). On the methodology of the assessment of state capacity. Bulletin of Yerevan University G: Economics, 12(2 (35), 32–46. https://doi.org/10.46991/BYSU:G/2021.12.2.032