The Issue of the Balance of Power between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Context of Regional Stability


  • Alen Ghevondyan Yerevan State University


collective security, balance of power, paradigm, capacity, political-military potential, economic potential, human resource, preemptive self-defence


The article analyzes the main elements of the capacity of Armenia/Artsakh and Azerbaijan based on the methodology of the American School of Political Realism. Particularly, the articles compare the data on military power, economic power, demographic situation and the methods of state policy. We thoroughly observe that although the data are not on the side of Armenia and Artsakh, there is an established balance in the region, as none of the sides act to change the existing status quo power. In this regard, we observe that the real balance will be established only if each of the sides accepts that the change of the status quo by military means will bring more loss than achievements.

Author Biography

Alen Ghevondyan, Yerevan State University

PhD, Associate Professor of the Chair of Political Institutions and Processes, YSU. Address: 0025, Yerevan, Alex Manoogian 1, Email:



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Ghevondyan Ален. 2019. “The Issue of the Balance of Power Between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Context of Regional Stability”. Bulletin of Yerevan University D: International Relations and Political Sciences 10 (2 (29):17-30.



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