“New Cold War” Concept in Modern Political Discourse


  • Garik Keryan Yerevan State University


bipolarity, cold war, new cold war, discourse, Russia, West, USA, stability, multi-polar world order


The struggle for influence zones in the post-Soviet space, the Ukrainian and Syrian crises, differences in approaches to global political processes, and the fight against international terrorism have led to a new confrontation between Russia and the West. Western and Russian analytical centers speak of a new Cold War comparing the present situation with a post-war long military, economic and ideological confrontation. Such comparisons have led to rather an interesting discourse, giving rise to the alreadycirculated “new Cold War” concept.

Author Biography

Garik Keryan, Yerevan State University

Doctor of Sciences (Political Sciences), Professor, Head of the Chair of Political Institutes and Processes, YSU. Address: 0025, Yerevan, Alex Manoogian 1, Email: g.keryan@ysu.am



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