A Culture of Political Dialogue in the Context of the Consolidation of Democracy


  • Khachik Galstyan Yerevan State University


culture of political dialogue, consolidation of democracy, dialogical gravitation, democratic political culture, political system


The article is devoted to the analysis of culturological factors in the study of the consolidation of democracy. Within the framework of the article, the main subjects of research are such concepts as “democratic political culture”, “civic culture”, “ethics of discourse” and “culture of political dialogue”. In the context of the final transition and the successful overcoming of the stage of consolidation of democracy, the author notes that there should be a minimal
consensus between all the key players in the political landscape regarding the functioning of political institutions, as well as generally accepted norms of behavior and rules of a democratic political game. And such agreements can be reached only in the case of a limited polarization of the political system. In this case, if there is a certain “dialogical gravitation” between the main socio-political actors, their unilateral actions are significantly limited, while simultaneously increasing the likelihood of formation of the culture of political dialogue, as an important factor in the process of consolidation of democracy.

Author Biography

Khachik Galstyan, Yerevan State University

Doctor of Sciences (Political Sciences), Associate Professor of the Chair of Theory and History of Political Science, YSU. Address: 0025, Yerevan, 1 Alex Manoogian, Email: khgalstyan@ysu.am



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