About the Journal


The international research journal Modern Psychology is an open access journal that provides 2 times a year(Spring/Autumn) publication of articles in all areas of psychology. It is a double-blind peer-reviewed  print and electronic journal that aims to promote innovative research and excellence in psychological knowledge. SBMP journal has become an active participant in research communities and universities in other countries, as well as building a bridge between research and practical psychologists.

Based on years of practice in publishing scientific articles the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology of YSU presents the scientific journal “Modern Psychology”. The journal is a logical continuation of international conferences and the proceedings of scientific articles published since 2007:  “The Current Issues in Theoretical and Applied Psychology” and “Experimental Researches in Psychology”.

“Modern Psychology” scientific bulletin:

  • Is included in the list of scientific journals of SCC RA, decision of 12.2017, N 59.
  • The journal is represented in an international standard and has ISSN (ISSN 2579-2504, online ISSN 2738-2664).
  • Publications are reviewed by editorial colleague on the basis of international standards.
  • The articles of the domestic and foreign authors are published in the journal.
  • The main languages of the bulletin – Armenian, Russian, English, French

The main objectives of the journal are:

Provide a platform for the publication of research results and scientific and practical activities of psychologists.

Publish knowledge and results in an effective and efficient manner.

To ensure compliance with copyright and intellectual property laws, the scientific newsletter closely monitors the content and quality of research papers.

Improve journal standards for international dissemination of information.

Conduct reliable and high-quality research in the scientific community.

Scientific Bulletin is a journal aimed at solving a number of topical theoretical and applied problems of modern psychology. The status of scientific problems presented in our journal corresponds to the modern challenges facing society and the individual. The range of issues discussed is very wide and varied. The journal is published twice a year and offers valuable and innovative articles from various fields of psychology. The journal's multinational editorial team welcomes valuable and innovative material of interest to university educators and psychology scholars.



Authors' personal information and e-mail addresses entered on this site of "Modern Psychology" will be used solely for the stated purposes of this scientific bulletin and will not be available for any other purpose.

We strive to follow international best practice on ethical issues, errors and rebuttals. Any unethical behavior is considered unacceptable by editors, and the SBMP does not tolerate any form of plagiarism. The authors, undertake to submit articles to the SBMP, confirm that the content of the manuscript is original. And also the fact that the presented article has not been published anywhere and is not considered for publication anywhere.