Current Geopolitical Developments and Imperatives of Bilateral Relations between Armenia and Russia


  • Marut Vardazaryan Yerevan State University


Russia, Armenia, Russian-Armenian realations, West, EAEU, CSTO


The article discusses particular features of current developments for Armenia and Russia and the emergence of new challenges in this context. After the Armenian Velvet Revolution, there were no principal changes in Armenia-Russia bilateral relations, however, there was a lack of understanding in regards to some issues. This article examines the objective and subjective reasons for misunderstandings between Armenia and Russia. Currently, Armenia assumes the chairmanship in the CSTO and EAEU and continues to be Russia’s reliableally in both bilateral and international arenas. Armenian new political leadership highlights within their foreign policy that emerging challenges can be resolved by combining interests and developing relations with their strategic allies.

Author Biography

Marut Vardazaryan, Yerevan State University

 PhD in History, Associate Professor of the Chair of International Relations and Diplomacy of YSU. Address: 0025, Yerevan, Alex Manoogian 1, E-mail:




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Vardazaryan, Marut. 2019. “Current Geopolitical Developments and Imperatives of Bilateral Relations Between Armenia and Russia”. Bulletin of Yerevan University D: International Relations and Political Sciences 10 (3 (30):3-19.



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