The Correlation of the Issue of Parliamentarism and Democracy


  • Khosrovadukht Azatyan Yerevan State University


parliamentarism, democracy, national sovereignty, representation, common will of the people


The article is dedicated to the connection of parliamentarism and democracy. It examines the private relationships of these categories. The article analyzes the critical theory of parliamentarism by K. Schmitt. The history of the evolution of parliamentarism testifies to a series of victories and failures of this institution, which gave rise to a mass of its forms and varieties. In the end, it is concluded that parliamentarism has similar features with democracy and is considered to be a sign of the development of democracy. Respect the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as the high level of development of civil society. To overcome the difficulties of the development of parliamentarism, it is necessary to take consistent measures to reform this institution

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Khosrovadukht Azatyan, Yerevan State University

PhD-student of the Chair of History and Theory of Political Science of YSU. Address: 0025, Yerevan, 1 Alex Manoogian, Email:




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Azatyan, Khosrovadukht. 2020. “The Correlation of the Issue of Parliamentarism and Democracy”. Bulletin of Yerevan University D: International Relations and Political Sciences 11 (1 (31):48-60.



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