Military Sociology in Armenia: Contemporary Development and Prospects


  • Armen Khachikyan Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences



military sociology, social institution of the army, the Armenian army, military sociological research


The purpose of the article is to acquaint with the history of military sociology and the peculiarities of its development in Armenia. Military sociology, which developed in connection with the need for theoretical and applied knowledge in the military field, occupies an important place among the sociological disciplines of the middle level. It develops theoretical and methodological concepts and approaches and expands the possibilities of their use. For a better understanding of the theoretical foundations of military sociology, the scope of research and its practical significance, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the scientific environment, prerequisites and reasons for the emergence, as well as the stages of development of military sociology in the country.

Author Biography

Armen Khachikyan, Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences

 lecturer at Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences


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