Pragmatic Equivalence in Literary Translation




Cross-Cultural Pragmatics, pragmatic equivalence, literary translation,, verbs of speaking


The present paper addresses the issue of pragmatic equivalence in literary translation, which is considered to be one of the most important aspects of linguistic uniformity between the source and target texts. Pragmatic equivalence of translation is defined as the conformity of the translator’s ‘duplication’ of the content with the author’s communicative intent or the literary objective. The cross-cultural pragmatic analysis of translation equivalence carried out in the paper focuses on the interpretations of the verbal behavior of the heroes while performing speech acts. For the purpose of analysis the novel by R. Bradbury “Dandelion Wine” and its Armenian and Russian translations are chosen. The research shows that the interpretative words nominating the heroes’ verbal behavior, namely, the verbs of speaking, are culture sensitive. Therefore, in some cases the translator may diverge from the source text in order to sound authentic in the target language. The comparative analysis of the samples served as a mediated translation approach, revealing certain linguistic and culture-specific points at issue in the translation process.



Author Biography

Shushanik Paronyan, Yerevan State University

D.Sc., Professor, Chairperson of the Department of English for Cross-Cultural Communication, Yerevan State University, Armenia; head of the Methodological Council of the Faculty of European Languages and Communication; member of Scientific Council of the Faculty of European Languages and Communication; member of AASE (Armenian Association for the Study of English); member of the Editorial Board of the AASE Journal of English Studies ‘Armenian Folia Anglistika’ and the Advisory Board of the international scientific journal “Translation Studies: Theory and Practice.”


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