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The famous lawyer, chronicler, Archimandrite (Usuchapet, Rabunapet; the Head of Archimandrites or Vardapets, Highest Archimandrite, the Head of Monastery-Vardapetaran) Church and State figure Mkhitar Gosh from the end of the 12th century to the first half of the 13th century acts as the initiator and executor of comprehensive reforms in the field of education.

Archimandrite Mkhitar Gosh established a great educational center in Nor Getik Monastery and as a rector head it. Using state support, he implemented innovative ideas in the process of pre-education, thereby laying the foundation for nationwide reforms in the field of education.

This period of time was marked by the creation of an independent state on the basis of the Armenian principality by Zakarids. As a result, the Armenian principality adhered to the course of establishing statehood, developing systems of administration, economy, law, legal proceedings, as well as education.

The process of nationwide educational reform was headed by Mkhitar Gosh, who streamlined the sphere at the legislative level and introduced the scientific discipline of law education into the teaching program, the textbook of which was his own work "Law Code", which set the foundations of civic education.

Free education was legally fixed.

Based on the reforms proposed by Mkhitar Gosh, steps were being taken to form a nationwide educational system.

Based on the example of the scientific educational program and the experience of the higher education center Nor Getik, new educational institutions were being opened in many places in Armenia, the founders of which had graduated of the same Monastery school.

As a result of the reforms carried out, the role of Mkhitar Gosh in the development of education was determined, strengthening his place at the origins of the formation of theoretical values ​​of the modern educational system.

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