Constitutional structures of parliamentary government in case of Germany and RA


  • Edgar Kalantaryan Yerevan State University



Parliament, distribution of mandates, parliamentary government, constitutional amendments, proportional electoral system, voting, effective governance, legislature


The choice of an effective government form is one of the most important issues facing a state that has embarked on the path of democratic development. A comprehensive study of the issues, like mechanism of parliamentary formation, mixed and proportional-majority electoral systems within the framework of parliamentary government model deserves special attention. In this case, the example of the leading countries, particularly Germany is essential that have created a stable basis for the development of the country. Germany's successful experience can be useful also for the Republic of Armenia (RA), which has adopted a new parliamentary form of government. The study of foreign experience can contribute to the development and enhancement of the role of parliament in the RA.

Author Biography

Edgar Kalantaryan, Yerevan State University

PhD, Associate Professor of the Chair of Public Administration




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Kalantaryan, Edgar. 2021. “Constitutional Structures of Parliamentary Government in Case of Germany and RA”. Bulletin of Yerevan University D: International Relations and Political Sciences 12 (1 (34):42-53.



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