Visualization of Social Strata in Media


  • Yuliana Melkumyan Yerevan State University



visual communications, social stratification, inequality, social strata, the poor, the rich, middle class, index, icon, symbol


Visualization of social strata in the media space. - Visual communication is gaining in importance today. The perception of the world around us is mediated by visual images. The visual image cannot be fully expressed by verbal means; it is perceived as a whole, not sequentially. To depict social strata, their detailed definition is necessary, which would make it possible, through indices, icons and symbols, to express culturally specific codes that will create specific cognitive images for the participants in communication. Due to their ideological function, visual images justify unequal power relations in society. It turns out that visualization is an integral part of the endless semiosis of stratification processes and the formation of class identity. However, any visual image is a construct and can be deconstructed. Therefore, through visualization, it is possible to deconstruct or reconstruct the system of social stratification.

Author Biography

Yuliana Melkumyan, Yerevan State University

PhD, Associate Professor of the Chair of Social Work and Social Technologies, YSU


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