Methodic Problems of Professional Orientation of High School Pupils in RA


  • Yuliana Melkumyan Yerevan State University



professional orientation, high school, vocational diagnostics, activation technique


This article presents the analysis of the main approaches of professional orientation at high school and formulates recommendations for high schools of Armenia. The process of professional orientation is a major challenge for society as a whole and for the education system in particular. The objectives of this process are different, and often – contradictory. The most obvious purpose of the vocational guidance is the choice of the profession, which is the most suitable to pupil’s abilities. Secondly, it is about choosing a profession demanded by the labor market. Third, to ensure the economic, scientific and social development of the society, it is necessary to stimulate the choice of innovative professions. The separation of the senior classes of mainstream schools as an independent educational institution in RA aimed at the improvement of pupils’ professional orientation system. However, the high school faced different conceptual, organizational and methodological problems.



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Melkumyan, Y. (2015). Methodic Problems of Professional Orientation of High School Pupils in RA. Journal of Sociology: Bulletin of Yerevan University, 6(3 (18), 3–13.