Peer Review Policy

• Papers sent to FLHE journal should not be submitted elsewhere for evaluation or publication.
• All papers undergo rigorous peer review to ensure quality and originality, based on initial editor screening (if the article does not comply with the subject-matter, topics and the interests of the journal and does not follow the Author Guidelines, it is excluded from revision, and the author is being notified about it).
• Papers are blind peer reviewed by at least two anonymous referees, experts in the field. The process of reviewing and approving papers takes from 1 to 2 months. If the blind peer-review is successful, the paper will be deposited in the repository, if it is unsuccessful it will be returned to the author with editorial comments.
• Final decision to include the paper in the journal is made by the editorial board members.
Submissions are evaluated along the following criteria:
• Relevance and importance to FLHE readers
• Adequacy of conceptual framework
• Appropriateness and competence of the method(s) of the analysis
• Reasonableness of interpretations and conclusions
• Links between theory and practice
• Originality of contribution
• Clarity of organization and vigour of style (The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines).
After reviewing the paper may be:
• rejected,
• returned to the author for revision,
• accepted for publication.