On Mediated Translations of Fairy Tales





Mediated translation, direct translation, fairy tales, authorship, intersemiotic translation, intralingual translation


In the present article, we regard mediated translations of fairy tales as unique recreations, making the afterlife of the original text and contributing to its variability. Our attention has been focused not so much on the equivalence of the mediated translation to the original as on the nature and main characteristics of the mediated translation as a text. The goal of this study has been to rethink the very status of indirect translations involving intralingual and intersemiotic readings of the original in our research. The survey results have demonstrated the fascinating potential of the source text to modify and transform.

Author Biography

Alvard Jivanyan, Yerevan State University

D.Sc., Full Professor at the Department of English Philology, Yerevan State University, Armenia; head of the Centre for Fairy Tale Studies at the Toumanian Museum; editor of Children’s Literature at Zangak Publishers; editor-in-chief of Hasker: Yearbook of Children’s Literature and Folklore and Voske Divan: A Journal of Fairy Tale Studies.


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