Motives and Goals of Recognition of the Armenian Independent State by Turkey


  • Gegham Petrosyan Yerevan State University


Republic of Armenia, Ottoman Turkey, Germany, Alliance of the Four, Armenian delegation, Turkish delegation, negotiation process, military-political situation, Treaty of Batumi


The article analyzes the Armenian-Turkish diplomatic negotiations when the Armenian delegation is looking for ways to maintain peace and further diplomatic negotiations. In this regard, the article focuses on the fact that on June 4, 1918, under pressure from Ottoman Turkey, Alexander Khatisyan signed a document and made a certain commitment. Thus, the government of the Republic of Armenia was obliged not to have diplomatic relations with countries in the war with the Ottoman Empire throughout the war. The article concludes that the acceptance and recognition of the Armenian independent state was not a manifestation of Ottoman Turkey’s “mercy” to the Armenians, but only because of its many and varied motives and long-term goals.

Author Biography

Gegham Petrosyan, Yerevan State University

Sc. D. in History, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, YSU. Address: 0025, Yerevan, 1 Alex Manoogian, Email:




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Petrosyan, Gegham. 2018. “Motives and Goals of Recognition of the Armenian Independent State by Turkey”. Bulletin of Yerevan University D: International Relations and Political Sciences 9 (3 (27):3-20.



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